Mohau Women's Investments

Mohau Investments’ value proposition is differentiated in a number of crucial areas: The company is 100% owned by highly qualified professional black women who are passionate about the socio economic development of our country.
70 Years of experience: Collectively they have over 70 years’ experience in the healthcare funding and financing, investment banking, and financial services sectors.
They add value at a strategic level: They have a proven track record of entrepreneurship and leadership which the business and partners benefit from as they add value at a strategic level. They have the wherewithal to invest in their personal capacity or to raise capital as necessary.
Committed to making a difference: They are uniquely positioned to be preferred empowerment partners for companies that seek to achieve their transformation objectives. They are committed to making a difference through the education of South Africa’s young people.
Testimony to their credentials: Their relationship with Aspen Pharmaceuticals, South Africa’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer bears testimony to our credentials.


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