Megan Scott Genetics

Megan Scott Genetics Genetic counselling provides information and support to a wide range of individuals and families who are affected by, or at risk for a genetic disorder. Our team worked on the look and feel of her brand, including: Business card design, flyer design, logo concept and design, notebook design and printing, poster design, …

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Life Mental Health

Life Rehabilitation Life Mental Health is a leading provider of private psychiatric services in South Africa, offering acute mental healthcare with capacity for 498 beds in a caring environment at nine facilities in Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. InvolvementPosters, Infographics, Booklets, Social Media Infographics. INDUSTRY Healthcare LOCATION South Africa January 5, …

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Life Rehabilitation

Life Rehabilitation Life Rehabilitation has facilities across South Africa, including all major cities. They offer care and set a comprehensive recovery plan for patients recovering from major injury and/or recovering from surgery. InvolvementAdvertising, Posters, Banners, Logo Design and Digital Posters. INDUSTRY Healthcare LOCATION South Africa January 5, 2022 Avon Justine #BeautyBoss January 5, 2022 Vegeata

HKA Training Academy

HKA Training Academy Africa HKA Training Academy understands their stakeholders’ need for comprehensive courses in claims dispute avoidance. They operate as an extension to HKA’s global claims and dispute business. This puts their training service at a unique advantage. they are able to draw upon their extensive claims preparation and defense expertise globally. They have …

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